A Collaboration between Dr. Mackenzie Brooks, Psychologist, and Vicki Bridge, MA, Lifeworks Counselling Centre provides workshops and training for Small and Medium size companies.

Current and Past Workshops and Training

A Small Group Learning and Practice Workshop Ideal for Small Business Employers and Managers 

  • What kind of feedback do millennials want? 
  • The truth about annual performance reviews and constructive feedback. 
  • What kind of feedback actually works – and how, when and where to deliver it? 

    Session Highlights: 

    Learn the importance and essential elements of effective feedback
    Learn how to use feedback to foster employee engagement and drive positive change across all generational groups
    Increase awareness of your own personal feedback style and gain practice giving and receiving feedback with confidence 
    Explore how to understand and manage frustrating behaviours common in the digital workplace 

What people are saying about our Workshops

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