The Tammie Wylie Interview

Tammie-Wylie-224x300Tammie Wylie

Since 1996, Tammie Wylie’s consulting company works nationally with those impacted by trauma, abuse, and addictions in Aboriginal communities. Previously working for reconciliation between the Catholic Church and Aboriginal people in Canada, her work provides a solid foundation in communication, leadership, and conflict resolution. Achieving a Master of Arts Degree in Leadership and Training, Tammie enhanced her ability to expand her work in Leadership and Organizational Development by aligning valuable lessons learned in her previous intensive personal development work.

Embedding indigenous knowledge, and raising her emotional, physical, intellectual and social intelligence, Tammie continues to develop innovative approaches to leadership, mindfulness, and personal development to build strong teams. Further to contractual experiences, her past work comprises of Management of a large Non-Profit agency in Health, Social Services, Education, Justice, Culture, and Recreation for many years bringing proficiencies of strategic planning, budgeting, program development and design, curriculum development, instructing online learning, supervision, program evaluation, proposal writing and contract management.

These past experiences, and raising four children as a single parent, deepens her understanding for mindful reflection and being present as essential in our currently demanding world.

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