Women's Work: A Quickening

Barane McCartney

Barane’s mother served as the first female “Alderperson” on the local council and her father organized a fight against the British Columbia Social Credit government of the day who were expropriating theirs and neighbouring farmers land to build a highway extension. Barane McCartney is a 54 year old mom, house cleaner and “part time” activist who is presently working on various initiatives and attempting to bring balance into her life. Barane grew up on a farm in Agassiz, British Columbia, where she gained an appreciation and respect for the environment and learned the value of hard work.

You could say she comes by her calling naturally!

Barane became an activist in 2010 when her local government attempted to place a garbage site (known as an “Eco Depot”) on a beautiful, winding, rural road close to her home. She joined a group that banded together to fight the proposal and after a year and a half, they won!

Since that fight, Barane has been heavily involved in other questionable projects (5 million tons of contaminated dirt to be dumped in the Shawnigan Lake Watershed and a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) storage facility proposed for the Saanich Inlet on the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, as well as keeping an eye on her local Regional District.

Barane lives with her partner and two young adult daughters of whom she is immensely proud.

Barane can be contacted at by e-mail at: annybub@shaw.ca

Barane McCartney

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