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Cherry Pits For Your Mind©

is an in-depth Webworkshop™ for Women comprised of 13 Cherry Pits with more than 8.5 hours of audio recordings for your listening and learning experience.

An essential series of life-learnings we all wish we had learned early on, Cherry Pits for Your Mind©  are seeds of wisdom and experience gathered from over 30 years of coaching and counselling women.

Cherry Pits For Your Mind© are based on 13 distinct and interdependent essential life-learnings which can empower us by planting seeds of choice in our lives.

Dr. Brooks has hand-picked these essential life-learnings from the many thousands of hours of conversational journeys shared with women.

Join Dr. Mackenzie Brooks while she explores, entertains and reflects upon these 13 hand-picked Cherry Pits.

Dr. Brooks:

“As I walk with women on our conversational journeys together through each of these Cherry Pits, women report that something seems to quicken within them, energizing and propelling them to move forward.

Women report that their reflections expand from the sole perspective of their personal lives to include the perspective of our collective lives, including their role as a member in their community and in our world. Over time, women who invite in these Cherry Pits report that they are thinking differently and feel more connected with themselves, with other women, with community, and with our Mother of all Mothers, our Mother Earth.”


“Dr. Brooks shares her truths, her knowings, and invites you, as a women to give thought … pause … enjoy a sip of tea and mindfully consider each one of her 13 cherry pit wisdoms”

“A unique, novel approach to re-loving your life”

“Like pearls on a necklace, each one beautiful on it’s own and when strung together – collectively classic”

“A definite listen for my granddaughter” 

“Dr. Brooks provides an easy way to grasp complex ideas”

“All 13 cherry pits fit my life to a T. It’s like she’s talking about everything that I’ve been experiencing”

“I wish my mother had told me this”