About Dr. Brooks

Dr. Mackenzie Brooks, Registered Psychologist, offers the following professional services:

  • Counselling (Individual & Relationships)
  • Life & Leadership Coaching for Entrepreneurs/Employees
  • Organization Consulting, Training & Team Development
  • Workshops

For additional information, please contact Dr. Brooks:   

E-mail: Dr@DrMackenzieBrooks.com

Tel: 250-888-0517

Mackenzie Brooks, Ph. D. has been coaching, consulting, teaching, training and presenting to diverse audiences for more than 20 years. She has successfully worked with individuals, teams and groups in private business, government ministries and not-for-profit organizations. Clients eagerly embrace her expertise and well-honed intuition.

As a coach, counsellor, consultant, trainer and educator, Dr. Brooks’ passion, expertise and keen observation provide clients with opportunities to maximize success in both their work and personal lives.

Dr. Brooks is pleased to bring her multi-faceted training, experience and expertise to the online world.